how to remove wax from carpet

Few things are as relaxing as dining by candlelight. Fortunately, the remnants of a relaxing night - melted candle wax on your carpet or furniture - can be removed pretty easily, too.

These tips for getting wax out of carpet and upholstery can help get rid of the remnants of candlelight dinners past yourself.

Be patient here. These tips can and do work - but a gentle hand and perseverance are the key to success.

To Remove Wax From Carpet, You'll Need:

Brown paper bags will absorb the wax from carpet or upholstery.
  • ice cubes;
  • a plastic bag;
  • a spatula or spoon;
  • an iron;
  • a few brown paper bags;
  • dry cleaning fluid;
  • hand dish-washing liquid.

  1.  Place Ice Cubes in the Plastic Bag

Put the ice cubes in the plastic bag and close tightly to seal. Place the bag of ice on top of the wax drippings. Keep it there until the wax hardens to the touch.

  2.  Gently Scrape Away Frozen Wax

Gently scrape away the frozen wax with a spatula or spoon. It should crack and pop off easily now.

  3.  Place Brown Paper Bag Over Remaining Wax Stain

Set the iron on low heat. Place a brown paper bag without any writing or designs over the wax. (Ink on bags could transfer to the carpet.) Press the iron atop the bag for no more than a couple of seconds. Be sure to keep the iron heat on low so carpet fibers don't get scorched.

  4.  Check Your Progress

Look under the bag to confirm that the process is working. You should find a candle-colored smear of success on the bag, which shows that the candle drippings are being lifted from the carpet.

Replace the bags as needed and repeat the process until there's no more transfer of candle drippings to your bag.

  5.  Blot Remaining Wax Stains with Dry Cleaning Fluid

Blot any remaining wax stains with dry cleaning fluid sparingly, to prevent damage to carpet backing. Carefully continue blotting until remaining wax is removed from your carpet.

  6.  Remove the Dry Cleaning Fluid from the Carpet

Blot the treated area with a solution of one-quarter teaspoon dishwashing liquid and one cup of warm water. This will remove any traces of cleaning fluids.

  7.  Rinse the Treated Area

Now, blot rinse the area to remove any remaining dishwashing liquid carpet cleaner from the carpet fibers. Blot dry.

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