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8 home security tips to prevent intruders.

Most burglars aren't looking to fill their bags with your best crystal or your late grandmother's antique china.

Instead, they're after common items - the flat-screen TV, your son's X-Box games, a pricey pair of athletic shoes - that can quickly be sold down the street.

The majority are teens or young adults on the prowl for an obviously unoccupied, unsecured home.

These 8 home security tips to prevent intruders can help keep your family safe.

6 hurricane and tornado home safety tips.

A home with storm windows and doors can prevent whipping rains from coming inside through broken windows or a patio or garage door.

In addition to exposing your home to greater damage, water leaks can quickly weaken the structure of your home.

Here are the 6 disaster planning steps to prepare your home and family for the storms ahead.

10 tips to prevent home accidents.

10 tips to recent home accidents.

Expecting guests?

Ensure home accidents are not part of the program with these 10 home safety tips.

1. make sure walkways are clear.

Remove any debris, such as toys or gardening gear. 

Make sure walk ways are well lit, so that no one stumbles on their way to the front door going to dinner at your home.

Read all 10 tips for preventing home accidents here.

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