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safe at home

5 holiday safety tips.

5 holiday home safety tips for entertaining.

The holidays means visitors and parties, so you'll want to make sure you home is safe for holiday entertaining. These holiday safety tips for home entertaining will help ensure the safety of your guests of all ages.

12 fireplace safety tips.

12 fireplace safety tips.

'Tis the season to light up the fireplace. It's cold outside; and the hearth beckons us for cozy warm ups. But before you do, consider these 12 fireplace safety tips to protect your home and family this winter.

Asbestos and lead paint safety tips for families.

asbestos awareness and lead paint safety tips.

If your home was built before 1987, chances are good that some of its structural and design elements contain asbestos or lead paint. Here's how to identify and mitigate lead paint and asbestos in your home.

Home safety tips for kids.

kids home safety tips.

Young kids are, of course, into everything. Keeping them safe requires a few extra safety steps. These kids home safety tips can help keep little ones safe.

8 home fire safety tips.

8 home fire safety tips.

We spend so much time at home (think 8 hours sleep) that it simply makes sense to ensure that our family is safe inside at all times. These 8 home fire safety tips can help.

How to create a car first aid kit.

how to create a first aid kit for your car.

Since we spend so much time on the road with rambunctious kids, being prepared for injuries with a car first aid kit is essential. Here's what to include in your car first aid kit.

Disaster survival tips for families.

disaster planning tips for families.

While they may never happen to you, a disaster such as a fire, flood, earthquakehurricane, and other catastrophes strike millions of homes and families each year. Here's what you should consider for your family's disaster kit.

How to protect your home against intruders.

how to protect your home.

Whether your home is humble or palatial, there's probably something inside it of interest to intruders. Here are the precautions you can take in and around your home to protect it against intruders.

Earthquake preparedness tips.

easy earthquake preparedness tips.

While they may never happen to you, earthquakes hit millions of homes each year, so it's only prudent to prepare for them. Here are some essential earthquake preparedness tips for your home and family.

Security door locks are key to home safety.

secure door locks are key to home safety.

The better the locks on your home's doors and windows, the more difficult it is for an intruder to get inside. Since it all begins with the right security locks, this guide for  choosing the right locks for your home can help.

10 flu prevention cleaning tips.

10 flu prevention cleaning tips.

While we can't do much about the cooler temperatures outside or the germs floating around inside our homes, we can practice flu prevention measures to keep our family healthy. These 10 ways to keep the flu virus away can help.

10 home safety tips to prevent accidents.

10 safety tips to prevent home accidents.

Your home is your family's safe haven. These 10 home safety tips to prevent accidents can help ensure the safety of your family, friends, and visitors.

Earthquake insurance: yes or no?

earthquake insurance: yes or no?

An earthquake can be financially devastating for a homeowner. Here are 8 things to know about quake insurance to help you decide if insurance is right for you.

Flood safety tips.

5 flood safety tips.

Flooding is one of the most common hazards to our family's safety - and finances. Here are 5 flood safety tips to help you protect your family, and your finances before a weather event occurs.

Flood insurance: Yes or no?

flood insurance: yes or no?

Flooding one of the most common hazards to our family's safety - and finances. Here's what you should know about flood insurance and how to decide if flood insurance is right for you.

6 hurricane safety tips.

6 hurricane safety tips.

Hurricane safety means getting your home and family ready to weather the storm should it come thundering your way. Here are 6 hurricane safety tips to help prepare your home and family for the storms ahead.

Radon gas safety at home.

radon gas safety at home.

Radon gas in the home is a safety and environmental hazard. It is an odorless menace, moving stealthily up through the soil into homes through foundation cracks and gaps in the home's flooring. Here's what to know about radon gas safety at home.

10 pool safety rules for kids.

10 pool safety tips for kids.

During the warmer months, the patio, deck or backyard becomes an outdoor room where the kids play from dawn to dusk, and the parents hang out and relax. These 10 pool safety rules for kids can help ensure everyone has fun in the sun safely.

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