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Our homes are our family's safe haven.

It's the place we return to each evening, leaving workday worries - and the outside world - behind once we lock the front door.

While our walls provide home safety and a refuge within which we can weather the storms of daily life, there are some simple extra precautions worth taking:

  • having the best home security systems in place to alert you to fire and other hazards, 

how to create a disaster survival kit.

While they may never happen to you and your family, fires, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, and other catastrophes both natural and man-made strike millions of homes and families each year.

So it's only prudent to prepared for them with an emergency survival kit.

Your emergency kit should contain enough emergency supplies to see your family through at least three days without basic services.

While you can buy an emergency kit, it's simpler, more personalized to your family's needs, and a lot less expensive to gather your own survival supplies and stash them together in the garage.

securing your home.

How safe is your home? Read these 7 tips for home security to find out.

You'll sleep better knowing you're prepared in the event of a fire. These home fire preparedness tips can help ensure you've taken all the necessary precautions.

Learn how to prevent the 10 most common home accidents here.

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