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the family car

We parents spend much of our lives in the car. We run errands. We take kids to school, to soccer, to piano, to swim lessons, to play dates, to baseball, to orthodontist appointments, and on. And on.

I know the world's supposedly a smaller place these days. But I'm still driving 20 minutes to get anywhere. What all this time on the road really means is that that the family car has to function like a home on wheels.

What do you do when you're speeding down the highway and your toddler throws up in his car seat? Or your son spills his grape guide down his shirt on the way to his piano recital?

When you're a freewheeling single and the car breaks down on the thoroughfare, you're about to embark on an adventure (but that's website).

When you've got a car full of 4-year-olds, you're about to encounter deep doo-doo. There's nothing the least bit adventurous about it.

Instead, it's time to shift into crisis-management mode. If you're prepared for all these situations, you and the carload of kids will be moving again in no time. Here's how to get prepared for just about anything on the road.

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Tara Aronson is a native Californian. Having grown up in San Diego, she studied journalism and Spanish to pursue a career in newspaper writing. Tara, whose three children - Chris, Lyndsay, and Payne - are the light of her life, now lives and writes in Los Angeles. She also regularly appears on television news programs throughout the U.S.