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dashboard dining: yes or no?

To eat or not to eat on the road?

Different parents have differing tolerance levels. That said... Different parents have differing views and criteria.

If you have only one child, you can probably be a little more lenient than if you're chauffeuring a mob.

Yes, it's best if kids don't eat on the road - for the vehicle's interior, their clothes, and our nerves. But real-life schedules aren't always conducive to obeying that rule.

You know that if you have a 500-mile road trip, you'll give the little one anything that will keep him quiet part of the way.

Here are some tips to help you decide whether eating on the road is a good idea for your family.

car chores for kids by age.

Get your kids helping out with family chores is easy - so long as your chore expectations are age-based.

Once a child reaches a certain skill or age level, he can generally do the chores for his age group and those for the age groups below.

Some of these chores need to be done each day, others each week, and still others once a month or even less frequently.

Use your best judgment for what gets done when. Here are the  family vehicle chores you can reasonably expect your child's help with, given his or her age.

10 carpool survival tips.

These are very useful arrangements for busy parents.

But there's a bit more to it than just alternating driving days. It implies a commitment both on your end and on the other parents.

Yes, I know you're a safe driver. But what about the uninsured motorist who plows into you at a stop sign, injuring several kids? These are things you'll want to consider.

And once you do agree, these 10 carpool survival tips can help ensure the arrangement is a successful one.

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