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Getting kids ready for back to school

August means getting the summer slackers geared up for back to school again.

Just when you've got summer's rule-free days figured out, here come the rigid class and home schedules that mark the new season.

No problem, right? You're the parent and you've got a handle on things.

And if you don't (or won't just yet) here's the cheat-sheet to use in the days ahead as we shift gears into fall.

9 tips for eliminating school morning madness

The kids are back to school.

No more sleeping late.

No more casual breakfasts.

The chaos of early-rising mornings has begun!

Don't let the craziness of new school year throw the family schedule into complete chaos.

These 9 family organization tips can help tame morning madness and get everyone out the door (usually) on time.

7 packed lunch ideas for kids

It's frustrating when you take the time to pack a healthy lunch for your child and it comes home half-eaten.

Try switching things up this year as part of your back to school plan. (But not too much.)

You can still make sure it's healthy.

And with a little creativity, that brown bag might not come back at all.

Here are 7 tips for school lunches kids will actually eat.

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