bedroom ideas for gradeschoolers

Once your kids are out of the toddler stage and in school, their needs change. Suddenly, they are more responsible, can work and play unsupervised, like a bit of privacy, and have homework.

It's these differences we need to consider when coming up with bedroom ideas for updating their rooms. Gradeschoolers need a study area, room for their collections, and a hideaway so they can just "chill".

Here's a look at the growing needs - and wants - to consider when redesigning your gradeschooler's bedroom.

Bedroom Ideas for Gradeschoolers: Create a Kid-Size Study Area

This is the age where a loft bed with a desk underneath would be a great space-saving investment. After all, you don't have to worry (so much) at this age about them toppling out of the top bunk and harming themselves.

But if a new combo desk/bed isn't in your family financial plan this year, simply make sure a flat surface is accessible. Then stock it with the essentials:

  • a mug filled with pens and pencils, 
  • scissors, 
  • a ruler, 
  • tape, 
  • markers,

  • an eraser, 
  • and anything else your kid uses frequently.

Bedroom Ideas for Gradeschoolers: Make Room for Collections

Organized collections make everyone look good, and gradeschoolers are no exception.

Gradeschool is the age at which you can begin both encouraging and corralling your kid's collecting tendencies by creating a place in which to house the elementary treasures of life. Start with the obvious:

  • Drawers and shelves. Group similar items, such as hair bows, in small bins or baskets to be placed inside a dresser or a desk drawer. Egg cartons and oblong pencil holders are also handy for little things.

From there, get creative:

  • Install cork board along an entire wall to display artwork, notes, and ribbons. Anything that's flat and vertical can go here.
  • A garden trellis hung on the wall can corral cap collections.

Your only rules here are the items must be contained within the storage space, be it hooks, pegs, or push-pins, and easily reachable and expandable when used by your gradeschooler.

create space for a "secret" hideaway.

The cozy hideaway areas of your kids' rooms are easy. They're 99 percent imagination and 1 percent perspiration.

Usually no investment is required. Maybe a popup tent in a far corner where he can keep favorite toys, whisper with friends, and even hide from the parents.

My 10-year-old has a homespun version: a bunk tent. Because she always sleeps on the top of her bunk bed, the lower bunk has become her secret hideaway. It's covered all around with sheets - a perfect girlie haven. And it's here just in time to transition her to the more-space-away-from-Mom-and-Dad-is essential tweens.

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