Kitchen cleaning and organizing tips

4 tips for removing fridge smells.

You're careful with the food and leftovers you put in your refrigerator.

And you're meticulous about taking them out when they've passed their prime.

But as we all know, accidents happen.

Whether the sushi went south last month or you simply need to neutralize fridge odors, here's how to bring back that fresh clean smell.

Read the full story on how to remove fridge smells here.

how to clean cloudy crystal.

Finding clouding or a milky film on crystal glassware is frustrating, to say the least. How did it get this way? How do you clean it?

There are three possible causes for cloudy crystal. And, yes, the milky film can usually be removed.

The only exception is if the glassware is etched, usually the result of surface scarring caused by acidic, caustic, or abrasive substances in the dishwasher detergent.

Etched glass appears iridescent when held up to the light, or has a frosted appearance. This type of damage is permanent.

Here's how to clean cloudy crystal.

6 easy kitchen organizing tips.

Your kitchen should be organized to make cooking, baking, storing food, family scheduling, feeding pets  - virtually everything you do here daily - as simple and quick as possible.

Seems obvious, doesn't it? 

If yours isn't as efficient as you'd like, consider reorganizing it into some or all of these 6 activity centers to save time and be more organized daily.

Here's how to organize your kitchen for efficient daily use.

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