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Kitchen cleaning tips for the holidays.

kitchen cleaning tips for the holidays.

Give yourself an early present and clean and organize your kitchen now so that it's functional for the holiday cooking ahead. Here's how to get your kitchen ready for the holidays.

Refrigerator food storage safety tips.

refrigerator food storage tips.

You want to keep the food you buy and prepare - for as long as they are safe for you and your family, anyway. But how long is that?  These refrigerator Food Storage Tips can help you decide what's safe to eat - and what you should toss.

How to clean cloudy crystal.

how to clean cloudy crystal.

Finding clouding or a milky film on crystal glassware is frustrating, to say the least. How did it get this way? How do you clean it? Here's how to clean cloudy crystal.

6 easy kitchen organizing tips.

6 kitchen organizing tips.

Your kitchen should be organized to make cooking, baking, storing food, family scheduling, feeding pets  - virtually everything you do here daily - as simple and quick as possible. Here are 6 easy kitchen organizing tips to help make your kitchen more efficient daily.

10 kitchen cleaning rules.

10 kitchen cleaning rules.

The  kitchen is the room where everyone congregates, and as a result, it's usually one of the messiest rooms in the house. It's these activities especially that require an elevated level of housecleaning and organization. Enter the 10 kitchen cleaning rules.

How to read a food label.

how to read a food expiration label.

What does a food label "sell by" date really mean? How long is it good after that date? These safety guidelines aren't exactly self-explanatory at times. Here a four common terms you'll find on a food label - and what exactly that food label means.

5 garbage disposal maintenance tips.

5 garbage disposal maintenance tips.

Yes, you do actually have to maintain your garbage disposal. If you want to keep it grinding away daily, that is. These 5 garbage disposal maintenance tips can help.

Kitchen chores for kids by age.

kitchen chores for kids by age.

At what age can a child set and clear the kitchen table? Take out the garbage? This guide to age appropriate kitchen chores for kids will help you divvy up the jobs.

Frozen food storage tips.

frozen food storage tips.

Proper frozen food storage is key to keeping foods from spoiling quickly or getting the dreaded freezer burn. These frozen food storage guidelines detail maximum frozen food storage times for common food items - and how to keep foods freezer safe.

Kitchen clutter solutions.

kitchen clutter solutions.

Most kitchen clutter happens as kids come in from school and adults come home from work. As a result, we all dump whatever we're carrying - books, newspapers, mail - on the first solid surface inside the door. These kitchen clutter solutions can help.

Easy oven cleaning tips.

easy oven cleaning tips.

A holiday pie or cheesy lasagna meltdown can turn your oven into a smoky, burnt, ooze-encrusted mess. The solution? These oven cleaning tips can help remove these and other unsightly messes.

How to compost in 8 easy steps.

how to compost in 8 easy steps.

Instead of tossing compostable kitchen scraps in the trash, why not cultivate them into compostable material to help feed and grow your backyard garden? Here's how to compost in 8 easy steps.

Composting without worms.

composting without worms.

Too squeamish about those red wiggler worms to consider composting? Here's how you can begin composting without worms.

Kitchen cleaning with kids.

kitchen cleaning with kids.

A recent study found that the top 5 germiest places in the home were in the kitchen: sponges and dishcloths, the sink drain area, the sink faucet handle, cutting boards, and the refrigerator handle. Here's how to start kitchen cleaning with kids.

4 fridge odor removal tips.

4 fridge odor removal tips.

Whether the sushi went south last month or you simply need to neutralize fridge odors, here's how to bring back a fresh, clean smell to your refrigerator.

How to clean small kitchen appliances.

how to clean small kitchen appliances.

You keep a nice house. Your cabinets sparkle. The laundry's always done. But how long has it been since you cleaned your coffee maker? Here's the cheat sheet for cleaning small appliances. 

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