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laundry & Stain Tips

No matter how busy you are each week, chances are high that laundry is the one routine task that usually gets done.

After all, it's hard to ignore a pile of dirty clothes when you're fresh out of workout shorts or you kids don't have a clean pair of socks to wear to school.

But if you've ever pulled a pink shirt out of the washing machine when a white one went in, or put on a fresh pair of jeans that are still sporting the signs of last week's picnic, you know that even a simple task you've done hundreds of times can get complicated now and then. 

By following the basic sorting technique, matching the right laundry products and water temperature to each load, and putting stain-busting strategies into play, you can make such spotty moments disappear. 

You'll be rewarded with clothes that look cleaner and actually last longer, and you'll have more time to tackle other jobs you've been neglecting.

The tips and techniques below can help.

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