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how to wash white clothes

When you wash white clothes, there's one laundry rule you should never break: Always wash whites separately. 

I know, I know. You're in a rush and sending the whole load through a cold-water wash is a lot quicker. 

Sounds good in theory. In real life? Not so much.

The all-in-one routine usually results in whites emerging from the dryer looking gray, yellow, or worse - with a lovely tie-dye effect.

Unless that's the look you're going for, take the time protect your clothing investment from such unwanted colorful intermingling. Your efforts will pay off in the long run with cleaner, whiter whites that will last longer in your wardrobe lineup. Read the full story on How to Wash White Clothes here.

laundry wash temperature: hot, warm, or cold?

Doing laundry can be anything but simple at times.

If you've ever pulled a pink shirt out of the washing machine when a white one went in, or put on a fresh pair of jeans that are still sporting the signs of last week's lunch, you know that washing clothes can get complicated now and then.

So you're probably wondering: Why shouldn't I just choose cold water for everything to keep things simple?

Sure, the quickest way to do a load of whites, medium colors, and darks, is wash them all in cold water.

But the time you save in the short run may actually double the time you'll spend washing clothes in the long run. 

Here's how to determine the right wash water temperature for your clothes.

laundry detergent: liquid or powder?

How to unshrink a sweater.

The best choice for your family depends on the types of stains in your family's laundry bag.

An everyday washing detergent should be a tough, all-fabric cleaner that does as well on a baby's burp cloths and leaky diaper stains as it does on his big brother's baseball uniform. 

But how do powder detergents and liquid detergents differ from one another? Which one is right for you?

Read the full story on laundry detergent: liquid or powder? 

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