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laundry tips for jeans

Chances are you bought those black jeans or that denim jacket because you liked the color and texture of when you purchased them.

New black jeans and jean jackets - all denim actually - has been specially dyed to get that rough-and-tumble look and that perfect-for-you color. 

To keep your (or your kid's) denim duds from looking like they're relics from your grandmother's flower power days, however, they'll need special care when it comes time for a spin in the washing machine.

Not to worry - these laundry tips for jeans can help keep your denim looking sharp and feeling cozy. And once you have the jeans washing machine routine down, getting your favorite pair clean safely will make wash day a snap.

Laundry Tips for Jeans: Wash New Jeans Separately

These laundry tips for jeans will keep your denim looking good from the day you bring it home. 

For starters, put those new jeans in the washing machine for a solo, jeans-only cold water wash before wearing them.

This is because the dye in most new jeans transfers readily to clothes you wear with them - such as the white shirt you tuck into black jeans or cover with a denim jacket - until the dye is set during that all-important first spin in the washing machine.

To prepare them, simply remove any tags on the jeans, turn them inside-out to prevent fading (unless you want them to fade, of course) and into the washing machine they go.

Keep both new and washed jeans away from laundry detergents with bleach for the same reason.

Avoid Frequent Tumble Drying

Keep your jeans and all denim out of the dryer as much as possible.

Heat may damage the fibers of your jeans; and dry cleaning isn't any better, as it can cause discoloration.

When you have to toss those jeans into the dryer, tumble dry while the dryer drum is cool, and choose a delicate setting if your dryer has one, or a cooler temperature.

Remove jeans from the dryer while they're still slightly damp, then lay flat on a clean towel to finish drying.

To extend the lifespan of jeans, the best drying method is laying them flat to dry. 

With this method, you may need to iron your jeans.

If so, plan to iron them while the jeans are still a bit damp for best results.

Don't Spot-Clean Jeans

Don't try to spot-clean denim. Instead, wash the entire item, so you don't create a faded area where the spot or spill was.

By putting these laundry tips for jeans into play, you're sure to have your comfy, cozy favorites looking sharp for years to come.

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