how to Organize Your Home

organize your closet.

Does a streamlined closet sound overwhelming? No problem. Just take it step by step.

To get the most out of your closet and your clothes, rotate your them seasonally. and give the closet a good cleaning as you move garments around.

Most people (unless they live in Miami) have a summer wardrobe and a winter wardrobe - even if the word "wardrobe" sounds a bit formal for the clothing in their closets.

Read the full story to learn how to streamline your closet.

10 tips for decluttering kids bedrooms.

Organize a kids room? Now there's a challenge.

Primarily because putting things away does not come natural to children. 

Adults either, for that matter.

To buck nature's clutter collecting tendencies in kids, you'll need to create fun, playful storage solutions that are simple enough for a child to maintain.

These 10 kids bedroom decluttering tips can help make the decluttering process easier.

how to organize your home office.

Want to organize your home office to run like clockwork - so you can, too?These organizing ideas will help you get started toward more productive days ahead.

1. all in one place.

I have one notebook that I use for to-do lists, and a second for everything else. These two notebooks keep me straight.

The key is that I write everything in them, rather than on tiny pieces of paper. Try it!

This way, no slips of paper are lost. No phone numbers are misplaced. You don't have to tear up the house looking for the napkin with the contractor's name on it.

All you have to do to find a message is to think, "Hmmm. I talked to them sometime last September." Get the full story on organizing your home office here.

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