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should you get pet insurance?

The answer is yes if you plan to use insurance for catastrophic coverage; no if your pet is basically healthy and you're putting some money aside in an emergency "kitty".

Pet insurance is designed to help cover some - but usually not all - of the costs of emergency and routine medical care for your pet.

As veterinary medicine becomes more technologically advanced, the cost of caring for a pet increases, too.

That's the main reason the market for medical insurance for pets is increasing.

Here are a few things to consider if you're considering insurance for your pet.

how to create a pet car survival kit.

This pet car survival kit is primarily designed for dogs. 

Yes, I know cats travel, too. But dogs are the more frequent travelers.

I've yet to see a family let Fluffy the cat bound out of the hatchback at a soccer practice or baseball game.

Cats will slink under the brake pedal without your realizing it - until you can't press the brake pedal. 

If you want to confine your cat or dog on a somewhat regular basis while traveling to prevent such a disaster for all involved, invest in a gate for the back of the car.

Here are the essentials to keep inside the car for when your four-legged family member comes along for the ride.

6 easy pets for kids.

Meet the 6 good pets for kids that are easy to care for:

  • 1. Fish;
  • 2. Reptiles and snakes;
  • 3. Tortoises and turtles;
  • 4. Rats, mice, and other rodents;
  • 5. Small birds;
  • 6. Cats and kittens.

Here's how much time and care you can expect to provide (financially and otherwise) when you adopt a pet, as well as the payback you can expect your child to receive from each. 

When you know what to expect - and what not to expect - that first pet experience can be much more successful for all involved.

These ideas for easy pets for kids can help. 

how to clean carpet pet messes.

How to clean carpet pet messes.

It's inevitable. Even the best pet makes a mess sometimes. Here’s how to clean it up, as painlessly as possible.

Animal accidents on carpet and upholstery can be removed, especially if you attack them while they're still fresh.

Read the full story on cleaning up carpet pet messes here.

all about dogs as pets for kids.

When it comes to pets for kids, it's hard to find a pet more loving, loyal, and easy to care for than dogs.

They need just 15 to 30 minutes daily of care and feeding. 

And when it comes to loyalty and love, these medium maintenance pets give it back in spades.

They go through a golden age at about the middle of their lifespan, when they are calm, and they're housebroken.

They no longer chew on your shoes, and they come when called. This golden age only lasts a few years, however. At the beginning and the end of their lives, these gentle pets can be a lot of work.

That said, they are one of the best pets for kids. Read All About Dogs here.

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