Comprehensive Insurance:
Don't risk these 3 items in your home 

Thief with crowbar breaking into home door.Insure important items in your home against theft.

Memories, love, and happiness shape the experience of home in the modern world.

Our homes' four walls – old or new – offer the comfort and security no other space in the world does. 

We invest our life savings into crafting our home sweet home. Whether for functionality or aesthetics – we, as homeowners - oversee the purchasing and utilizing of belongings in our household.

These personal keepsakes are the soul of our homes. 

Of all the things in our homes, these three things aren't worth the risk of not insuring with comprehensive insurance. Because like life - accidents happen. 

Because Accidents - and Worse - Happen

Unfortunately, accidents and damage are part and parcel of life. These accidents, such as a sudden fire or burglary, don't have to be catastrophic to cause significant damage. 

In times like these, it is a comprehensive insurance policy that acts as your safety net. As the name suggests, it protects against loss or damage by theft, fire, explosion, burglary, flood, water leakage, storm, or flood damage. 

Home and renter's insurance covers all your personal property. Be it your expensive jewelry or your daily use china plates – everything is protected.

There is a host of more information required before you finalize a coverage plan.

When it comes to pragmatic, affordable, and flexible insurance policies, Lemonade is a top choice. To protect the belongings in your apartment and find an ideal insurance plan, you can learn more about Lemonade here.  

Insurance policies are expensive, and you might have to pick and choose what sort of coverage you opt for based on your requirements and budget. But no matter what, there are some household belongings that you must keep in your mind while making the final list. 

1.  Furniture, Fixtures, Fittings

While making an exhaustive inventory of all our household valuables, we often forget the most expensive investment of all – the walls that hold our house.

Over time the cost of construction materials and fixtures increase rapidly; this includes the cost of furniture, bathroom, and regular fixtures.

In case of any mishap, our house's shell, including the furniture and fixtures, often bears the most damage.

Because paying out of pocket for repair or replacement can wreak havoc on the monthly budget, fully insuring these items is a practical and economical solution. 

2.  Jewelry

The anxiety of a possible burglary of our good stuff - the family jewels - is a fear as old as the hills. However valid, it can be easily eliminated by insuring these valuables. 

A bank box may seem like a safe and convenient solution. Truth be told banks offer less security, and often won't take responsibility for any losses.

Then again, why keep a precious family heirloom or one-of-a-kind ornate gold earrings locked away? 

Yet wearing or keeping jewelry at home carries with it some risk. To escape all these unnecessary vexations – insure your jewelry. No matter what peril befalls you, your insurance policy will have you covered. 

3.  Electronic Equipment

Electronics are no longer luxuries; they are necessities of modern life. Imagine a household without a refrigerator, microwave, music system, washing machine, or television. These electronic appliances breathe life into our homes. 

With our increasing dependence on smart and intuitive technology, the anxiety of these machines breaking down is always a concern. What if your air conditioner suddenly begins spewing out hot air  down on a sweltering summer day,  your fridge shuts down right after you've fully stocked it.

Like any machine, electronic appliances often have a relatively short life-span, and mechanical breakdowns are inevitable, no matter how carefully said pieces of equipment are maintained.

Once the repair, replacements, and maintenance bills start piling up, the total can be quite the shocker. Thankfully, mishaps like these can be avoided with careful planning and comprehensive insurance. 

To make your life - and the life of your electronic appliances -  comfortable, it pays to opt for a comprehensive insurance policy.

Your insurance policy will protect your equipment from accidental damages, mechanical breakdowns, fire and water damages, and more. 

In Conclusion

Accidental damage and thefts are life events out of our control. We can't control their comings and goings, but something we can control is how much damage they cause our wallets.

A smart homeowner is one who invests in an insurance policy for his home and all the precious items inside. 

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