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Shrunken sweaters aren't a new occurrence around my house.  Usually the problem was a wool sweater ending up in the dryer - and coming out in a size that perfectly fit our large cat. The problem was, the sweaters didn't belong to our large cat. 

The kids were learning to do their own laundry through trial and error. So we went about finding a way to unshrink a sweater through trial and error. We tried a bunch of different methods - and lost a couple sweaters along the way.

Then we found a solution that worked brilliantly: Washing a shrunken sweater in baby shampoo. This loosened the fibers enough so that we could gently stretch and pin it back into size and shape on a bulletin board. We haven't had a sweater casualty since.

How Did Your Sweater Shrink?

So, I'm curious... Just how did your sweater shrink in the first place? And how did you get it back into shape? Do tell!

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My 19-year-old Shrunk His Favorite Sweater 
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