3 tips for cleaning linoleum floors

Cleaning linoleum floors is easy - by design. Most of these floors are "no-wax" (not an entirely accurate term) and come with a protective coating.

A caveat here: True linoleum - made of pressed fibers such as ground-up cork and wood dust - hasn't been manufactured in the United States since the late 1970s. Sheet flooring today is usually made of vinyl, although people still refer to it as linoleum because this is what sheet flooring was called for nearly a century. 

  1  cleaning linoleum floors - to wax or not to wax?

No-wax floors do shine without waxing, and the gloss layer will keep them looking good for a while. But with time and use, the layer will develop worn or dull areas that need to be coated wth a floor finish (wax!) to maintain its shine.

Cleaning linoleum floors weekly with a neutral pH cleaner is the best way to keep that shine intact.

Other neutral best-bets for cleaning linoleum floors include a self-polishing, metal-interlock products (which contains zinc to bind the molecules for a stronger seal).

Non-neutral solutions can create a buildup over time that can damage the finish.

Remember daily sweeping and damp mopping will help keep damaging dirt out of the house - away from your floor.

  2  the cleaning routine for linoleum floors.

As part of your cleaning routine, you'll also want to:

  • Sweep or vacuum regularly.
  • Damp-mop with cool water and a mild dish-washing detergent for daily cleaning. Apply a capful of baby oil to the mop to make it shiny. (To save time, I sometimes pour the solution into a spray bottle, squirt just the areas that need cleaning, and then damp-mop.)
  • Allow to air-dry before walking on it.

  3  what not to use when cleaning linoleum floors.

  • Hot water
  • Strong soaps
  • Solvents
  • Anything abrasive.

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