entryway organizing tips

Entryway organizing is essential if you want to eliminate backpack, shoe, and sports equipment clutter and make quick school-day exits a snap. 

Whatever the season, we always need something as we head out the door, and gratefully drop those same things off in the entryway upon our return.

In the winter, it's gloves, hats and scarves. In the summer, it's sunglasses, raincoats, and hats.

Look at what your family brings in and takes out daily, and then design a place for it. It doesn't have to be expensive - it just needs to do the job of storing everyone's stuff. These entryway organizing tips can help.

simple tricks for organizing your entryway.

Give each member of the family a small basket or bin to store the items that they always seem to need as they go out the door.

Put big plastic bins of different colors near the door to capture backpacks, shoes, and more. Assign a color for each child.

off-the-ground entryway organizing.

  • Hooks: Sturdy - very sturdy - mudroom hooks on the wall are another good alternative.
  • Shelves: Keep 'em low and make sure they're deep enough to fit the whole massive backpack.
  • Coats and Rain Gear: Hang favorite coats and rain gear on hooks near the kitchen door, or wherever your usual departure spot is.

making room on the wall for backpacks and sports gear.

Busy families need lots of stuff: backpacks, saxophones, tennis rackets, swim goggles, etc. And they need a place to stash it until they need it again.

You do not want this stuff sitting by the back door for little ones to trip over.

Ideally, the kids would walk over to their designated wall hook or pegboard and hang their backpack on the appropriate peg. Then, they would walk over to the bin that's there just for the balls and insert the soccer ball. 

Avoid conflict and crashes and give them each a bin or a space on the shelf that's just for their stuff. Consider making the space big enough for their backpacks, too.

Tell your kids that they have to empty the bin or shelf once a week. But they do have that week's grace period. 

organizing ideas for shoes.

Many families have a no-shoes-inside policy. Most families have a no-muddy-shoes inside policy. Here's how to organize shoes and keep them off the floor:

  • Basket: If you have a small family and need a place for only a few shoes, just have a basket by the door.
  • Shelving: If you have a lot of different kinds of shoes (especially athletic shoes with cleats or riding boots) of awkward sizes or a bigger family, just designate certain shelves for shoes. Add a bench so little ones can sit down while they take off their shoes, or so you can have a seat while you take off your little one's shoes.
  • Shoe cubby: If you have a lot of shoes, invest in a closet shoe cubby to organize and store them all. Or try a shoe rack.

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