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how to remove rust stains on clothes

How to remove rust stains on clothes.Rust stains on clothes are generated during the washing process.

How to remove rust stains on clothes? The first step toward removing those yellow, orange, or brown rust stains or spots is determining the cause.

Generally, rust stains on clothes are caused by one or two things:

  • You've got iron in the water going into the washing machine, or;
  • You've got leaking pipes, likely caused by an older water heater.

removing rust stains on clothes from iron in the water.

Water in the laundry process helps dissolve soils and stains and carries them away from the fabrics. In short: water quality directly affects how clean clothes get.

Hard water, or water that contains mineral salts such as calcium and magnesium ions, limits the ability of your laundry detergent to get sudsy, whisk dirt from your clothes, and send it down the drain with the wash water.

Clothes can easily get rust stains with even minute concentrations of iron in the wash water. If iron in water is the problem, substitute oxygen bleach for chlorine bleach. Oxygen bleach doesn't react with iron to cause staining.

other ways to minimize iron's affect on your laundry.

  • Use a water softener - often labeled water conditioner - at the beginning of the wash and rinse cycles.
  • Install a water softener system.

how to remove rust stains on clothes from leaky pipes or an older water heater.

Have your washer checked by an appliance professional to rule out any less expensive problem - like a problematic drum. Until you get this under control, use oxygen bleach in place of chlorine bleach to keep iron stains to a minimum or eliminate them entirely.

And if you're interested in reviving any cotton and cotton-blend garments, pick up some Oxalic acid (a mineral blight remover). It's the best laundry stain remover for rust stains.

Visit the Clean Organized Home Store for rust stain removal products and all the laundry supplies you need to keep you laundry clean and bright.

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