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3 stone floor cleaning tips

There are several types of stone flooring used in living areas.

Popular choices include limestone, marble, and slate.

In general, stone floor cleaning is relatively easy because the floors are fairly durable and are usually sealed to minimize staining.

These stone floor cleaning tips can help remove the dirt and stains of daily family life.

  1  sweep stone floors daily

Sweep marble floors and other stone floors daily. You want to remove dirt before it gets ground in. If you have a textured stone floor, vacuuming works better than sweeping.

  2  follow with a damp mopping

Immediately after sweeping, damp-mop the stone floor, using a clean mop that has not been exposed to strong cleaners.

  3  wash stone floors regularly

Cleaning granite and marble floors regularly is key to keeping them looking good. Wash your stone floors regularly with the cleaner the manufacturer suggests.

But rinse twice, so soil residue from rinse water don't dull surfaces. Squeegee away any surface water to avoid water spots. Never use vinegar - it can strip the shine from your floors.

final stone floor cleaning tips:

  • If your floor has a polished surface, finish with paste wax. Skip this step if your stones are unfinished.
  • Remember always clean up spills immediately. That way, you won't have to deal with water spots on the surface.

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