Bathroom rust stains that won't go away!

by Ryan

Medicine cabinet rust.

Medicine cabinet rust.

I just moved into my home, and I have a rust problem in the bathroom! On the edges of the bathtub, and in the medicine cabinet there are some pretty tough rust stains.

It looks like they are from shaving can bottoms or something. I have tried multiple things to get rid of these stains, and nothing has worked!

Here is what I’ve tried:

1. Hot soap and water
2. Scrubbing Bubbles Mega Shower Foamer
3. Goof Off: RustAid
4. Bar Keepers Friend
5. Lemons and salt

In each scenario I used a washcloth and/or a scrubbing brush. The stains are a tad lighter, but still very apparent (pictures attached).

Can someone please provide me with a PROVEN solution??

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Mar 23, 2017
Yay - no more rust
by: Peachy Clean

Great to hear your rust problem has been solved! :)

Mar 21, 2017
Thanks, Ryan!
by: Tara @ Clean-Organized-Family-Home

Thanks for letting us know your problem is solved! So glad to hear it :-)

Mar 20, 2017
It worked!
by: Ryan

I used the vinegar and sponge, and it worked!! The stains are still faintly there, but you cant see them unless you intently look for them. Thank you all so much for giving me a REAL solution to my problem! You guys are awesome!!

Mar 17, 2017
Yes, let it soak
by: Peachy Clean

Yes, I was also going to suggest vinegar. You can also try Iron Out. Just make sure you give it enough "dwell time" - especially with the vinegar. I don't know what the right amount of time is to let the Iron Out sit on the stain. But with the vinegar, the longer, the better. Good Luck!

Mar 15, 2017
Time to Break Out the Naval Jelly
by: Tara @

Hi Ryan,

Here are two tried-and-true cleaning solutions that should work to remove the rust in your medicine cabinet and on the bathtub edges:

1. Clorox 2 or Vinegar: Just pour either product on the stain and let it sit. Then scour gently with a damp sponge and rinse. You may have to repeat this several times to completely remove the rust. But it should do the trick - without scratching either surface.

2. Use Whink Lime & Rust Remover or Whink Lime Buster. Both work to quickly dissolve rust and hard water stains on bathroom surfaces without scrubbing.

Good luck - and please let us know which one works best for you. Thanks for writing!

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