Tips for cleaning laminate floors

Cleaning laminate floors is about as easy as it gets.

These floors require wonderfully little of your cleaning time - one reason they're wildly popular among families.

The key to keeping laminate floors looking shiny and new is to tackle tracked-in grit and dirt on the surface as soon as possible so it isn't ground in to the finish.

A vacuum, a little vinegar, and a soft cloth are all you need to maintain these no-nonsense floors.

How to Clean Laminate Tile Floors

For hardwood floors in the kitchen, wiping up spills promptly is key because standing water can damage a hardwood floor's finish.

The only other major consideration - and this goes for any room in the house with hardwood floors - is to try to keep the floor clear of dirt, sand, and grit, which act like sandpaper and scratch a floor's finish.

Once-a-week cleaning with a broom, vacuum or dust mop is all most floors require.

If your floors get a lot of use, and if they don't have  a  urethane finish, damp-mop once a week with a neutral pH wood floor cleaner. Wring the mop almost dry before mopping.

Cleaning no-nos for laminate floors include:

  • Allowing water or a cleaning solution to stand on the surface
  • Soap-based detergents or mop-and-shine products (they'll leave a dull film on your floor)
  • Wax, polish, abrasive cleaners, steel wool, or scouring pads. These will scratch the surface of laminate floors.

How to Remove Tough Spots or Stains on Laminate Floors

To remove tough spots or stains, buff the blemish on laminate floors with acetone nail polish remover, and then wipe clean with a damp cloth.

To Keep Laminate Floors Looking Their Best:

  • Use welcome mats. Grit is this floor's worst enemy.
  • Use furniture casters. These floors do scratch.
  • Vacuum often. Use the soft brush attachment on the vacuum.
  • Skip the extras. Don't polish, wax, or use steel wool or abrasive cleansers on these floors.
  • Follow directions. Use products recommended by the manufacturer.
  • These floors cannot be polished or refinished. However, they are very easy to replace when the time comes.

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