Tips for cleaning walls 

Is cleaning walls really necessary? 

After all, dust and soot fall to the floor, right? 

Most of it does, but just enough clings to vertical surfaces to warrant a seasonal or pre-holiday bath.

You can easily clean interior walls without removing paint - and the solution is mild enough so that even your toddlers can pitch in on this chore.

You'll want to start by first removing dust that has settled there, using a hand-duster or a vacuum cleaner with an extension tool on a low setting.

This will help keep dust from turning to mud when you begin cleaning walls.

Cleaning Tips for Painted Walls

To clean walls the right way, you'll need:

  • Two buckets,
  • a sponge, 
  • a sponge mop for washing walls.

You'll use the sponge mop to clean walls above head height, and the sponge for cleaning the lower areas.

Use one bucket for the cleaning solution; the second for wringing out your sponge and sponge mop.

You may also want to lay down old sheets or canvas drop cloths to protect your floors from cleaning solution drips.

A Solution for Cleaning Walls 

Mix the solution you'll use to clean walls - a gallon of warm water and several squirts of hand dishwashing detergent - in the first bucket, and fill the second bucket with warm water.

Start by dusting (or vacuuming) walls to remove adhered-on dirt and soot.

Dip the sponge in the cleaning solution, and tackle the wall in 3-foot sections using vertical strokes from left to right, and from top to bottom.

Follow by wiping the section clean with the sponge dipped in clear water. Finish by drying the surface and woodwork with a clean cloth.

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