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Damp dusting?

by Emma
(Scotland )

I clean my house twice a week and have tried damp dusting, as I've heard it's best for people with asthma, which I have, and a dust allergy.

But I find it just wets the dust and any hair lying around, making it stick even more and spreads it around. Does anyone have any tips?


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Nov 14, 2019
Damp dusting
by: Anonymous

Damp dusting uses a damp cloth, not wet. The amount of water is minimal. Another option is the ENJO cloths, I have used these over the past 20 years and even when I try other methods I always go back to the ENJO. I am not a seller of this, but I do find them to be the best albeit expensive

Apr 19, 2017
Good to read!
by: Anonymous

Good to read tthe blog!

Sep 30, 2016

by: tara

Hi Emma,

While damp dusting sounds good in theory, the reality is dust/ dirt and water = a hard-to-remove mud.

I'd suggest using a HEPA vacuum with attachments you can use for dusting pretty much everywhere in your home. The benefit of the HEPA filter o a vacuum is that it traps and holds even minute dust and allergens, instead of sending them spiraling around the room as traditional dusting can.

Good luck!

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