Mineral Build Up on Sinks, Dusting Trick

by Kyle
(Spokane, Washington, USA)

My mother made my siblings and I do chores when we woke up, after each meal, and before going to bed. We did a lot of cleaning up after ourselves, there were seven of us kids in total.

We would have to look at the 'chore chart' and see what day corresponding to what color, each of us having a color indicating what our duties were that day of the week. I hated doing all this cleaning when I was younger but it instilled something in me, and now I have have things spotless as an adult.

Here are a couple things I've started doing throughout the years to help the cleaning process be more efficient:

First, I take a metal butterknife, an old one from the kitchen, and use the serrated edge to scrape away mineral buildup where the sink faucet meets the sink itself. The serrated edge works well to get the gunk that builds up out from around the faucet.

The last tip I have is an odd one - and it started because my dad used to hate when we would sweep near him because he said it just kicks dirt into the air.

I started taking the dustpan to the sink, rinsing it in water, and then sweeping the floor each time into the dustpan. The water in the dustpan is enough to make hair and other particles stick on contact.

I then rinse and repeat after a couple strokes. It works surprisingly well and you won't believe the amount of dirt you're walking around on until you've done this and see it washing down the drain.

I hope these simple tips help you in your own cleaning routines!


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