kids study room ideas for success

Let's face it: Now that the kids are back to school, everyone in the family is once again working at home. Kids doing homework. Parents paying bills, managing their finances, juggling their schedules.

Yes, it may be the grown-ups' home office, but you'll likely be sharing it and other surfaces throughout your home with your kids until next June because they have paperwork, too. Tons of it.

And they need their own surface space and files so they can keep track of their own stuff (with your setup help, of course.) These study room ideas can help you transform any area in your home into a kids' homework station.

Best-Case Scenario for Homework Central

Best-case scenario: Your kid has her own desk complete with desk and chair in her own room.

If you're not living best-case scenario, there are a few easy ways to make do. You could place a kid-size desk in the office or kitchen.

Or share your desk with the kids but give them their own rolling carts, drawers, or bookcases.

Or you could designate one spot in the house for each kid's study hall. It should be in a quiet corner far from distractions. A friend's daughter likes to study at the kitchen counter while Mom cooks. Another child works at the dining room table.

Study Area Essentials

Wherever a child studies, she will need a large, flat surface and good lighting. Make sure she also has the tools of the trade. Keep a drawer or portable basket of school supplies nearby so she doesn't have to jump up and down every time she needs to erase or staple something.

She will also need a file drawer or portable file bucket to file papers or ongoing projects.

Study Room Ideas for Transforming the Area into a Kids' Homework Station

Whichever location you choose, here's how to transform it into  a kids' homework station.

Start by setting up a file system for various subjects. Per child. You'll need to set aside a file cabinet or box for each child's use.

If you're sharing homework spaces with your kids, this is the perfect time to bring home those cute home-office portables you see in the home decor mags. The rattan-lidded file basket. The everything basket.

Next, outfit the desk with necessary homework tools. This will vary by your child's age, grade, and the subjects he's studying this school year. But the basics include pens, pencils, highlighters, erasers, tape, a stapler, and probably a hole punch.

Just for Reference

Create a bookshelf reference library with resource books and current texts. To cut down on back strain, consider buying a duplicate set of texts at the beginning of each school year. Seeing my older two middle schoolers lugging bulging backpacks that they can barely pick up, let alone carry, has convinced me that it's a cost-effective alternative to corrective surgery.

I'm going to try to keep the kids from writing in the books I buy, and perhaps sell them to the next grade. We'll see how that goes.

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