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december house cleaning checklist

Some housecleaning and preventative maintenance tasks only need to be done once or twice a year.  The problem is that we forget to do them once or twice a year.

The best plan is to break annual and seasonal housecleaning and preventative maintenance tasks down by month and create a house cleaning checklist from there.

Here’s the house cleaning checklist that has worked best for me in December.

1. december house cleaning checklist: get into the spirit of the season.

Hang exterior lights and decorations. Make sure Rudolph’s nose still shines and Santa still waves.

2. deck the halls.

Put up greenery and the tree. (Soak greenery 24 hours before putting up to help it last longer.)

3. finishing touches.

Take out ornaments and decorations and carefully dust away a year's worth of debris. Check light strands for duds and replace with fresh bulbs.

4. ornament yourself.

Clean your jewelry so you’ll sparkle at parties, too.

5. be our guest.

Prepare the guest room for your holiday visitors. Make sure you create an inviting, welcoming haven with everything your guests might need to enjoy the holidays, especially in the guest bathroom.

6. take time for touch-ups.

Clean front-and-center interior surfaces to ensure they sparkle - along with you - this holiday season. Be sure to include kitchen counters, appliances, and the all-important guest bathroom on your prepping-for-the-holidays to-do list. And plan to check it twice before guests arrive.

7. create a gift wrap central.

To simplify your holiday gift-wrapping, set up your own present-prep center like the pros do - with everything needed in a single, well-organized area.

Stock with brightly colored gift wrap paper, ribbon for curling, bows, tape, scissors, ornaments – and anything else that will add that special, personal stamp to your family's holiday gifts this year.

8. housecleaning tech support.

Give the kids a job they will actually enjoy: Let them create and/or organize the holiday tunes play list. Give them the entertaining guidelines: classic holiday tunes for a family dinner; upbeat seasonally inspired dance tunes for the holiday cocktail party, a mix for Christmas Eve or Christmas day entertaining.

9. encore!

And when they’re through, get them to organize and label your personal family videos or DVDs for everyone's future viewing pleasure while the relatives are in town. Any back talk, just remind them that Santa’s making his list…

10. hang the stockings.

By the chimney, with care. See all 12 monthly home maintenance checklists here.

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