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3 easy ways to warm up your home

Winter's chill provides the perfect setting for huddling by the fire and roasting marshmallows and sipping tea.

That's one way to stay warm when a cold snap blows in. But for those of us who actually have to function, we need to get a bit creative to stay warm.

Here are 3 easy ways to warm up your home and make it cozy this winter without firing up your energy bills.

  1  the practical approach to warm up your home

One solution to warm up your home is to actually make it warmer. No, no, no, I'm not talking about dialing up the thermostat.

Instead, dial down any outside air coming into your home by making your home as airtight as possible. The result? A warm house - or at least a warmer one.

These are things we should have done last fall as part of winterizing our homes, of course, but better late than never. Here's how to keep warm in winter indoors:

  • Close the flue when you're not using the fireplace.
  • Remove window air conditioning units, or buy covers for them.
  • Caulk openings around pipes under sinks.
  • Put weather stripping along doors or buy draft dogs or kitties (the little sand-filled animals whose tails snuggle up to the bottom of doors).
  • Buy insulating kits for outlets on outer walls.
  • If you have single-paned windows, consider window-insulating kits.

  2  create the illusion of warmth

OK. So you've done all that, you're still shivering. Sometimes it helps to simply create the illusion of a warm house:

  • Think warm and fuzzy. Place slippers by the entry doors.
  • Cover hardwood floors with area rugs.
  • Drape soft, fluffy afghans over armchairs.
  • Dot sofas with overstuffed pillows of chenille or velvet. Consider slipcovers.
  • Use area lamps instead of overhead lights.

Next, create spots so cozy you and your family can't resist them:

  • Make a reading corner by positioning an overstuffed chair near a table (for teacups), a basket (for magazines and books), and a reading lamp.
  • For maximum effect, create the reading area near the fireplace. 
  • For family fun, set up a small table in one corner of the living room for games, cards, or crafts. Stash all supplies within reach. Keep a puzzle going at all times.

  3  the warm and cozy approach

OK, you've got the physical part set up. Now go for the cozy part of warm house. You want a room that looks lived in, so you will actually want to live in it:

  • Place family photos on tabletops.
  • Add plants to soften the hard edges of the room.
  • Complete the picture by appealing to the rest of your senses; put soft music on and light scented candles. Better yet: bake some cookies.
  • In the bedroom, think lush duvets and flannel sheets. Consider bringing home a new set of fluffy, oversize towels and indulge in a heated towel rack to keep warm.
  • And for the warmest, coziest feeling of all? Just before bedtime, send your pajamas for a quick spin in the dryer so you tuck into bed already feeling toasty.

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