3 tips for cleaning linoleum floors

Cleaning linoleum floors requires little more than regular damp-mopping (use very little water, which can  make the surface brittle) or dust-mopping to rid the surface grit and dust before it gets ground in.  

Each week, deep clean linoleum floors with a neutral pH cleaner, such as a little dishwashing detergent dissolved in lukewarm water.

  1.  Cleaning Linoleum Floors: To Wax or Not to Wax?

No-wax floors do shine without waxing, and the gloss layer will keep them looking good for a while.

But with time and use, the layer will develop worn or dull areas that need to be coated wth a floor finish (wax!) to maintain its shine.

Cleaning linoleum floors weekly with a neutral pH cleaner is the best way to keep that shine intact.

Other neutral best-bets for cleaning linoleum floors include a self-polishing, metal-interlock products (which contains zinc to bind the molecules for a stronger seal).

Non-neutral solutions can create a buildup over time that can damage the finish.

  2.  The Cleaning Routine for Linoleum Floors

As part of your cleaning routine, you'll also want to:

  • Sweep or vacuum regularly.
  • Damp-mop with cool water and a mild dish-washing detergent for daily cleaning. Apply a capful of baby oil to the mop to make it shiny. (To save time, I sometimes pour the solution into a spray bottle, squirt just the areas that need cleaning, and then damp-mop.)
  • Allow to air-dry before walking on it.

  3.  What Not to Use on Linoleum Floors

  • Hot water
  • Strong soaps
  • Solvents
  • Anything abrasive.

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