How to remove stains from unsealed sanded grout?

by Cedric

Our counter has sanded, unsealed grout which is stained and discolored. We need to get it all one color again so we can have it sealed.

We have tried white vinegar, SoftScrub, and oxygenated foaming bathroom cleaner but nothing seems to work. Home Depost suggested that we use an acid wash but said it could damage the tile and we really don't want to take that risk.
A quick Google search seems to indicate using an oxygen bleach cleanser in powder form. We need some solid advice from anyone who has actually had to deal with this situation?

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Apr 15, 2018
Removing Stains from Unsealed Sanded Grout
by: tara,

The best way I've found to clean unsealed grout is to simply scrub it with liquid bleach, using a grout brush. It removes any unsightly discoloration safely.

Apply the bleach and scrub, then rinse the solution with a sponge soaked in cold water. Allow to dry, and then it should be safe to have it sealed.

Sealing the grout after you've removed the stains is key to keeping the grout looking clean.

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