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A holiday pie or cheesy lasagna meltdown can turn your oven into a smoky, burnt-on, ooze-encrusted mess.

These oven cleaning tips can help remove the unsightly mess, clean the oven racks so that they're drip free, and get the oven exterior clean - safely.

The key to removing melted-on, dripped-on, and other greasy oven messes without too much effort is tackling them as soon as possible after they happen.

Try this easy trick next time you have an oven meltdown: Sprinkle a thick layer of salt - enough to generously cover the entire spill - as soon as it drops on the oven floor, and while the goop is still hot and soft. Continue cooking.

When the oven cools, the spills will harden and can be easily lifted away with a plastic spatula. Old scorched-food blights can be removed by rubbing with a small pumice cleaning stone. This technique will leave a sandy residue that is easily brushed away. Just wipe clean with a sponge.

Cleaning Oven Racks

To clean oven racks, start by opening the (cool) oven and removing the racks. Scrape off any burned-on stains with a dull knife held at a 30-degree angle.

Use an oven cleaner for manually cleaning ovens; if you have a self-cleaning oven, simply turn it on and let the appliance clean itself.

Don't use oven cleaners on a self-cleaning or continuous cleaning oven, however; it may damage the surface.

To eliminate the need for frequent deep cleanings in the future, sponge away oven spills before they dry or are burned to a crisp.

Cleaning the Oven Exterior

After you've obliterated the baked-on messes in the oven, it's time to tackle the exterior.

To prevent streak marks when cleaning large surface vertical areas, start at the bottom and work up, overlapping areas with a circular motion.

Clean glass ceramic and porcelain enamel by spritzing a glass cleaner directly on the surface. Buff clean and dry with paper towels or a lint-free cloth.

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