how to clean window blinds

How do you clean window blinds?

The quickest way to clean window blinds is to clean them where they hang. You'll need:

  • a vacuum cleaner or blow dryer;
  • a couple of clean rags;
  • a few squirts of hand dishwashing liquid;
  • warm water.

How to Clean Vinyl Window Blinds

Dust, vacuum, or blow dry vinyl blinds regularly, especially along the floor. 

If you have pets, use a pet brush to remove pet hair from blind slats. Clean vinyl blinds with a damp cloth.

Leave a light film of detergent on the vanes to reduce static electricity.

How to Clean Wood Window Blinds

To clean wood blinds, tilt the louvers almost all the way up, and wipe them with a cloth moistened in a mild solution, such as a few squirts of hand-dishwashing liquid in warm water. 

Clean as far into the eyelet holes as possible at the end of each row of mini blinds. Don't scrub too energetically, however: You may end up removing more than just the grunge. You might also remove the surface design or color.

Then tilt them almost all the way down, and wipe again. This ensures that you clean the middle, too. Don't get stained wooden blinds wet, because water could damage the finish.

Instead, clean them with lemon oil or a wood furniture cleaner.

Finally, you should know that some window shades, valances, and curtains are washable, especially if they aren't lined. Before washing, examine for sun rotting. If they have rotted, don't bother washing them. Just replace them. If they're not washable, you'll have to have them professionally cleaned.

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