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how to clean your medicine cabinet

You'll be amazed at what you'll probably find inside when you clean your medicine cabinet. (And maybe a bit scared, too.)

Give thought to what you store here. Try to reserve that precious, accessible space for items you use most frequently, not the Pepto-Bismol you only take on New Year's Day.

Otherwise, you're wasting your most available bathroom storage space. You'll be surprised at the number of items you can store elsewhere.

Here's how to thoroughly clean your medicine cabinet to free up space and keep your family safe.

Make Your Medicine Cabinet an Essentials-Only Zone

As you're looking at each item inside the medicine cabinet, check the labels carefully, especially the expiration date. Many of us treat medications much too casually.

Some medication labels specify storage in a cool, dark place, not the bathroom, due to its inherent humidity. 

Light, heat, or humidity may damage many medications. Humid bathrooms are not the ticket for these.

Consider placing these items in a secure drawer the kids can't reach in your bedroom closet, or on a high shelf in a hall closet. 

Clean Your Medicine Cabinet of Expired Items

Also, as you clean out your medicine cabinet, look carefully at each item's expiration date. Toss what's expired or no longer used.

Expired medications and vitamins lose their potency. (Ditto for sunscreens, by the way.) Discard unused medication where children cannot find them.

Do not toss unused medications casually into the bathroom wastebasket. Flush them down the toilet or put them at the bottom of the trash can when you take it outside on garbage pickup day.

Store Medicines in Their Original Containers

Store medications in their original containers. Don't repackage medicine as you would food. It's essential that you have the medication's original label so you can check dosages, expiration dates, and other safety information. 

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