Some things last forever. Makeup isn't one of them. Unlike diamonds, it expires. 

Yes, sadly, it's true.

Those expiration dates on cosmetics are not a marketing ploy to get you to buy more eye make up when you can still scrape some definition out of your old mascara tube.

With cosmetics, it's a safety issue, especially with eye makeup.

Every time you wand on that mascara and dip the brush back in the tube, you transfer bacteria from your eye to the container, where it will make baby bacteria that you will then reapply to your eyes the next day. Here's how long makeup lasts, by type, so you can stop this vicious cycle.

It's Not a Beautiful Cycle of Life

Here's how long makeup lasts once you've opened an item.

Start the time clock when you open the container.

Since you'll never remember, write the expiration date on a file label or on the product label itself with a permanent marker.

For health and safety reasons, it is worth the effort.

How Long Makeup Lasts 


3 months.


6 months.


6 months.


6 to 12 months.


1 year.


2 years.


6 months.


6 months.


6 to 8 months.


1 year.


1 year.


Toss disposables; wash others regularly.

Makeup Safety Tips

  • Keep containers tightly closed and store them at room temperature. Toss anything that looks or smells bad. Yuck.
  • Organic cosmetics, and those that have no preservatives, may expire sooner than others.
  • Don't add water to thin out a mineral foundation or other cosmetics.
  • Don't share cosmetics- similarly, avoid shared testers in stores. You're just asking for trouble.

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