4 family bathroom scheduling ideas

A family bathroom presents a parent's paradox.

You can't get your school-age kid into the bath or shower.

And you can't get your toddler or teenager out.

What's a water-conscious mom or dad to do?

These 4 easy family bathroom ideas for scheduling can help conserve water and tame morning-rush tempers.

  1   Set a Bathroom Time Limit for Toddlers and Teens in the Family Bathroom

Start by setting a time limit (and a timer)for older kids and toddlers. Ten minutes is plenty for most kids, unless they've tackled a quarterback (teens) or a Quarter Pounder (toddlers).

  2   Consider a Shower Radio for School-Age Bathers

For those school-age kids who find every excuse in the book not to bathe, consider a waterproof shower radio to entice them in. Perhaps it will encourage them to whistle while they work. With the soap and shampoo, that is.

  3   Assign Specific Times for Bathroom Use

People who live in home with only one bathroom and more than two people have an additional challenge  - they can run into huge traffic jams as everyone tries to use the space at once.

Timing s  of the essence for a for a successful shared-bathroom experience.

Especially if the children in question are of the opposite sexes. (Warning: The problem only intensifies as the kids enter their teen years.)

One family I know copes by designating specific bathroom times for each child on school mornings or other high-traffic times of the day.

Fo example, one kids gets the room from 6:30 a.m. to 7 a.m.  Another child reports for duty from 7:00 to 7:30.

  4    Firm Rules are Necessary Here

Firm rules are necessary here. Our family favorite: If you snooze (during your allotted time), you lose. No whining allowed.

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