4 family bathroom scheduling ideas

A family bathroom presents a parent's paradox.

You can't get your school-age kid into the bath or shower, and you can't get your toddler or teenager out.

What's a water-conscious mom or dad to do?

These 4 simple bathroom ideas for scheduling can help conserve water and tame morning-rush tempers.

  1.  Set a Bathroom Time Limit for Toddlers and Teens in a Family Bathroom

Start by setting a time limit for older kids and toddlers. Ten minutes is plenty for most kids, unless they've tackled a quarterback (teens) or a Quarter Pounder (toddlers).

  2.  Consider a Shower Radio for Reluctant School-Age Bathers

For those school-age kids who find every excuse in the book not to bathe, consider a waterproof shower radio to entice them in. Perhaps it will encourage them to whistle while they work. With the soap and shampoo, that is.

  3.  Assign Specific Times for Bathroom Use

Timing is of the essence for a successful, shared bathroom experience.

Especially if the children in question are of the opposite sexes. (Warning: The problem only intensifies as the kids enter their teen years.)

Designate specific times for each child on school mornings or at other high-traffic times of the day. For example, one kid gets the room from 6:30 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. Another child reports for duty from 7:00 to 7:30.

  4. Firm Rules are Necessary Here

My four favorites:

1. If you snooze (during your allotted time), you lose. No whining allowed.

2. Brush your teeth for two full minutes.

3. Put the toilet seat and lid down and flush.

4. Clean the sink and counter after you use it.

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