garage storage solutions that work

If you have space, the garage is a very good storage place.

Garage storage solutions that work.

Not all storage is (nor should it be) created equal, however.

Some things need to be accessible at all times; other things we see only every 10 years when we move, but we want to keep them anyway.

Think of your storage in three distinct categories - short-term, mid-term, and long-term storage.

These garage storage solutions can help you get this utilitarian room into storage shape.

Short-Term Garage Storage Solutions:

This is for things you'll need in the next three months or things that you need intermittently, such as items you buy in bulk.

Short-term storage also includes items that you don't use often but need to keep handy, such as boots, flashlights, and umbrellas.

Mid-Term Storage: 

These are things you use seasonally, such as holiday decorations, grills, hammocks, and snowboards and skis. Put them in ceiling storage lofts or stack them in boxes, but don't push them all the way to the back of the garage.

Long-Term Storage:

These are things you don't really need but can't part with, either, such as old tax records, your daughter's first dress, your children's artwork, mementos, and family treasures that you can't stand but will pass down anyway.

Put these items in the dark, back, inaccessible corners of the garage, in ceiling storage racks, or on overhead industrial shelving.

setting Up Your Space

The first challenge of using the garage to store your stuff is that unlike most rooms, the garage is not exactly furnished. You will need a lot of storage "furniture" to make the garage work for your family.

Here are some systems to consider; none of them are ideal for storing everything, however. You will probably need a combination to meet all your needs. These furnishing options are roughly arranged from most to least expensive.

Floor-to-ceiling cabinets: The advantages of this system is that all your unsightly items are out of sight. You can organize them as well. And you can keep them relatively dust-free and clean. 

Counters and cabinets: Some people install counters and cabinets in their garage, just like you'd have in a kitchen. Of course this is an expensive solution, and you do have the convenience of drawers for small items. Ad you can keep things relatively clean.

Lofts: For long-term storage items that you use only once in a blue moon, you might want to invest in garage storage lofts. These are platforms suspended about 4 or 5 feet from the ceiling. They are great for storing mementos, old financial records, and other stuff you don't need but can't part with.

Industrial shelving: These are the aluminum shelves you can get at hardware and home improvement stores. They are inexpensive and light. They can hold everything from pantry items to sodas and boxes.

Specialized racks: There are racks to store balls, bikes, tennis supplies, you name it. Most people would not need such costly solutions. However if you have a passion - biking, tennis, fishing, golf - and have expensive equipment, you might want to invest in proper storage for it.

Consider Plastic Storage Containers

Remember that the garage is a really dirty place. Protect anything that's not self-sealed by storing it in wheeled plastic storage containers. Wheeled containers are great for toy pickup at the end of the day.

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