garage storage no nos: What not  to Store Here

The garage is very enticing for storage.

But there are certain things that don't belong there. 

Here are 3 garage storage no nos to be aware of if you want to keep your items in storage safe and pest-free.

  1   Garage Storage No Nos:  Clothing or Bedding

Clothing and bedding are garage storage no nos. Rats would just love to nest in your expensive duvet. Let them find a B&B farther down the block. Also, garages are usually too damp for storing clothing; it will mildew.

  2   No Fresh Foods

In theory, a nice cool garage would be a great place to keep extra potatoes, carrots, onions, etc. Ants, mice, and rats think so, too.

  3   No Wine

No wine storage in the garage. Since garages are not insulated, the temperature fluctuates too much to make it a good spot to keep the fruits of the vine.

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