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The Clean-Organized Family Life Blog keeps you up to date on all the latest info posted on the Website.

Simplifying family life is more important today than ever in this economy. Here, you'll find the tools, tips and strategies for a streamlined home. Click on that orange button below to subscribe to the RSS feed now!

Trick or Treating Safety Tips by Age

Trick or treating is a highlights of the fall season for kids. As parents know, Halloween costumes and dark nights can create a ghoulish nightmare for little ones in search of sweet treats.

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Can anyone suggest affordable & trustworthy cleaners here in

Hi guys! I need some help. Can anyone suggest affordable home cleaners here in Singapore? I need someone to help clean up my house. I can't seem to find

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How to Prevent Colds and Flu

How to prevent colds and flu this winter in 3 easy steps. Cleaning and prevention tips to help you ward off winter colds and flu.

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Halloween Stains and How to Remove Them

If you think everyday carpet and clothing stains are scary, wait until you see the tricky Halloween stains the (black) cat drags in on Halloween. Pumpkin mush on ghostly costumes. Ghastly guests...

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October House Cleaning Checklist

Some tasks need only be done once or twice a year. The problem is, we forget to do them. The October House Cleaning Checklist can help get the cleaning and maintenance done on time.

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9 Halloween Safety Tips for Kids Costumes

9 Halloween safety tips for kids and their costumes to ensure a bruise- and trip-free night of trick or treating for all.

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10 Tips for Eliminating School Mornings Madness

The kids are back to school. No more sleeping late. No more casual breakfasts. The chaos of early-rising school mornings has begun!

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6 Tips for a Family Halloween Party

Halloween can be a night of dark, scary things (especially if you have teenagers in the house.) Here are 6 tips for a fun family Halloween party that little ones can enjoy, too.

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Damp dusting?

I clean my house twice a week and have tried damp dusting, as I've heard it's best for people with asthma, which I have, and a dust allergy. But I find

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Fall Patio Furniture Cleaning

Fall patio furniture cleaning is essential if you want to ensure you'll have useable pieces to pull out of storage on those occasional warm winter days and nights ahead.

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