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10 Pool Safety Rules for Kids

Since we're outside so much during summer, we need to consider setting some backyard and pool safety home rules to play by while everyone is enjoying the great outdoors. These 10 rules for pool safety

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Top 15 Father's Day Deals and Gift Ideas

Shopping for Dad is tough. We know. These Father's Day deals and ideas for Dad have got you covered. And who knows? It might even get you back in the will.

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8 Tips for Removing Summer Laundry Stains

Summer is when Murphy's Law invariably comes into play: If something can spill, drip, ooze or run, it will do so all over your favorite shirt or sundress. Here are 8 stains tips that can help.

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How to clean tile floors without just moving the dirt around?

I mop my tile floor but unless I use a towel afterwards to dry it, I'm just moving the dirt around. Any suggestions?

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Smelly basement in a new house

Our new house has an unfinished, wet basement (concrete floors with multiple drains). Now that it is getting warmer, the smell is getting very strong.

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8 Summer Cleaning Tips

With the kids out of school for summer, chances are you'll have more messes to clean than usual. These 8 easy summer cleaning ideas can help.

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6 Easy Weekend Redecorating Ideas

Weekend redecorating doesn't have to be expensive or time consuming. Like a perfect candidate for a makeover, a tired-looking room can benefit greatly from just two days of fast-paced designing.

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9 Allergy Relief Cleaning Tips

Seasonal allergies can reduce kids - and adults - to a sniffling, sneezing, uncomfortable mess. These 9 allergy relief cleaning tips can help.

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3 Less Toxic Flea Removal Methods

You’ve got cats or dogs, and now you’ve got fleas. You’ve got kids, too. Here are less-toxic flea removal methods to get rid of the pests while keeping your family safe.

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5 Memorial Day Sale Home Items Worth Adding To Your Cart

This Memorial Day weekend, you can snag some of those higher-priced home cleaning and organizing items you've been thinking about. Here is a peek at 5 standouts that caught our eye to get you started.

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