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The Clean-Organized Family Life Blog keeps you up to date on all the latest info posted on the Website.

Simplifying family life is more important today than ever in this economy. Here, you'll find the tools, tips and strategies for a streamlined home. Click on that orange button below to subscribe to the RSS feed now!

Pressure Washer Reviews - Sponsored Post

The pressure washer is a versatile cleaning machine for use outside the home. It saves time and labor in cleaning as it combines washing, scrubbing and scouring in one step.

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How to Get Windows Clean For Less Cash

Store-bought formula or home-mixed variety? Paper towels, squeegee or cloth rags? Much like the paper-or-plastic debate, the best strategy for getting windows clean isn't always crystal clear.

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Cleaning trick: Make it hydrophobic ?

I'm looking for cleaning tricks and I came across sprays and waxes that can make surfaces (mirrors, windows, etc.) hydrophobic. In theory, I think it

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Choosing a Vacuum: Don't Be Sucked In By Vacuum Cleaner Hype

Choosing a vacuum used to be easy. How times change. Vacuums are the latest appliance to get sucked into the more-is-better, high-tech craze. These tips can help you make a smart choice.

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How to Clean Crystal

If you've ever tried to clean crystal you know that its delicate nature requires a bit more care - and a different cleaning routine - than the rest of your party ware.

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What You Need to Know About Asbestos, Lead, Radon, and Carbon Monoxide

Cancer-causing radon seeping up through the floorboards. Deadly asbestos sprayed on the ceiling. How much of a threat are these hazards? What should we do?

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How to Clean Cloudy Glass

There are three possible causes. And, yes, you can clean cloudy glass and remove the milky film.

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Eco Friendly House Cleaning for Specialty Surfaces

Today's new specialty surfaces give us myriad choices for floors and counters. But cleaning them is a challenge for those who prefer eco friendly house cleaning.

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6 Resolutions for A Cleaner New Year

A cleaner, tidier home in 2017 needn't consume your life. Even if you abhor a vacuum (or a broom or a mop), you can do it right - and fast with these 6 tips for a cleaner new year.

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How to clean strand bamboo flooring

I am looking for advice on how to clean our strand bamboo flooring in our family room. We live in the country with two dogs that track in plenty of dirt.

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