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10 kitchen cleaning rules 

The kitchen is the room where everyone congregates, and, consequently, it's usually one of the messiest rooms in the house.

It's also the place where we gather at the end of each day (as often as we can, anyway) to break bread, wind down, and refuel.

It's these activities, especially that require an elevated level of home cleaning and organization.

Here are 10 kitchen cleaning rules to consider instituting in your home to bring sanity and calmness back to this busy hub.

These kitchen cleaning rules not only help cut down on the clutter here, they also encourage everyone to clean up after themselves. And if everyone pitches in, there may be more time for dinner and the fun stuff!

the 10 Kitchen Cleaning Rules

1.   The Kitchen is a No-Dumping Zone

Never put anything on the kitchen counter or table as you come in the door. These are forbidden zones.

To prevent dumping here, create an organized entryway station where the day's items can be temporarily stashed and kept out of the way until needed.

2.   Remove Shoes at the Door

Having everyone remove shoes at the door goes a long way toward keeping cleaning to a minimum.

Because as we know, the first place everyone goes once inside the front door is the room where the snacks are: The kitchen, of course!

A shoe-cubby bench by the door is an easy way to encourage shoe-removal and stop dirt in its tracks.

3.   Eat Only in the Kitchen and Dining Rooms

In addition to being able to monitor what the kids eat, by confining eating to the kitchen and dining room, this simple rule goes a long way toward keeping the whole house cleaner, too.

4.   Always Tidy Up Behind Yourself

Always clean up behind yourself. If you're old enough to grab your snack or meal, you're old enough to do some kitchen cleaning, such as putting your dishes away and wiping down the prep area or cooktop. (See kitchen chores for kids by age.)

5.  Put Dishes in the Dishwasher After Use

Always put dirty dishes into the dishwasher, not the sink. The dishwasher uses less water than washing dishes by hand.

Hand wash only the larger, bulkier items that won't fit, or shouldn't be put in (wooden pieces), the dishwasher.

The person who finds a full dishwasher should add dishwashing detergent and start the machine.

6.   Wipe Down Counters After Use

Crummy way to live, with food all over the counter tops. Although insects don't necessarily think this way. (Need I say more?) The wipe-down-kitchen-counters-after-use rule goes a long way toward keeping the kitchen clean and hygienic.

7.  Close Cabinet Doors That You Open

Kids - and some grown-ups - have a habit of leaving cabinet doors open after perusing the contents inside. Nip this one in the bud. Make it a rule that everyone is required to close cabinet doors they've opened — ditto for drawers.

8.   Ask to be Excused from the Table

Ask to be excused from the table; don't just get up and leave. It's merely polite, and respectful to the chef du jour, to ask permission to be excused from the table. 

9.   Ask Before Snacking or Having Dessert

If kids must receive permission before snacking or grabbing dessert, parents can keep tabs on family nutrition.

10.   Bus Your Own Plate

If you eat at and can reach the counter, you bus your plate. It's only fair, after all, that everyone pitches in. (See 4 above.)

Get a list of kitchen chores for kids by age for guidelines on reasonable expectations for kids.

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