4 toilet cleaning tips

Today's bathroom cleaners make the less-than-savory task of toilet cleaning easier than ever.

This is a job for the teens and adults in your home, as bathroom cleaners are strong, and when used incorrectly they can damage surfaces - and kids.

For weekly and deep cleaning, these steps even work on a potty that's been neglected for a while.

  1  cleaning the toilet bowl.

Wearing rubber or latex gloves to protect your hands, begin your toilet bowl cleaning by spraying the cleaning product around the inside of the bowl and under the rim.

Or, you can clean use chlorine bleach alone by pouring one-quarter cup of bleach into the bowl. (This is because bleach both whitens and disinfects.)

To avoid creating hazardous fumes, don't combine bleach with any other toilet bowl cleaners or cleaning product. Be sure to teach your teens this important safety rule. (Get a list of bathroom chores for kids and teens.)

  2  allow the toilet cleaning solution to sit for 10 minutes.

Allow the toilet bowl cleaner to sit for 10 minutes to fully annihilate germs, bacteria, and viruses. 

While the bowl cleaner is doing its job, clean the toilet seat, lid, and the rest of the toilet surface, including around the hinges and the base.

This latter step is especially necessary if you have little boys learning to aim. Spray on your favorite exterior toilet bowl cleaning solution, and allow it to chill and kill germs for 10 minutes, too.

  3  swish the cleaner around the toilet bowl.

Use a toilet bowl brush to swish the cleaner around the bowl, underneath the rim, and as far into the trap as possible. Flush to rinse.

  4  clean both sides of the toilet seat.

Turning your attention back to the toilet seat, wipe the seat and the outside of the toilet bowl clean and dry with paper towels. Paper towels are the simplest: no rinsing needed, and no chance of spreading germs if you toss them after use. Don't forget to dry the hinge areas and bumpers.

one final toilet cleaning tip to make future clean-ups easier:

Each week, pour 1 cup of baking soda into the bowl to keep it fresh. And finally, once a month pour a half-gallon of white vinegar into the bowl to keep it ring-free. Let it soak overnight before flushing.

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