6 easy weekend redecorating ideas

Weekend redecorating doesn't have to be expensive or time consuming.

Like a perfect candidate for a makeover, a tired-looking room can benefit greatly from just two days of fast-paced living room interior design.

Call it interior design ideas on an interior design intern's budget. And what a difference a day (or two) makes!

These 6 weekend redecorating ideas can help make your home a fresher, brighter place to come home to on Monday.

  1.  Consider Everything in Your Home Raw Material for Redecorating

Consider everything in your home raw material for your weekend redecorating mission. Bring that lovely Chinese water pitcher out of hiding in the china cabinet and place it center stage atop the fireplace mantel. Replace it with an equally unexpected treasure each year to keep the room looking fresh.

  2. Weekend Redecorating Is All About Mixing Things Up

Plan to mix things up as you begin weekend redecorating. Think past meets present; and new ways to add warm touches that unite past and present. Pair a comfy new sofa with an antique side table.

The idea is not to slavishly adhere to a particular style or era - such as Victorian or Mission - but to project your own taste and personality.

After all, who really wants a room that looks as if everything arrived on the same truck?

  3.  Think Inexpensive Furniture Fixes

An easy, inexpensive fix is to find furniture slipcovers in warm, inviting colors. Just slip the covers over the chairs for updated elegance in minutes.

Another easy way to brighten and freshen the furniture is to add throw pillows in fresh, new colors.

Top with a couple of soft, cozy afghan throws strategically placed to complete the new, inviting look.

  4. Redecorating with Greenery and Flowers

houseplant instantly gives any space more color and makes it more inviting. Plants are a great solution for that odd nook or cranny in your home that looks empty and needs something. 

Inexpensive, oxygen-cleaning plants can breathe new life into those annoyingly difficult dead corners and crannies. It will come with a cheap plastic pot - but that is easily fixed. Just be sure you choose a plant that will adapt to the level of sunlight in its new environment. (See keeping houseplants healthy for more tips.) 

  5. Consider Adding Living Room Storage Space

Living areas are usually set up for sitting, not living. You have your basic sofa, chair, end tables, and coffee table. Note that none of these pieces of furniture usually has storage.  Where do you put the remote? Magazines? Headsets? Video games? Books? Glasses? Tissues? Toys? You get the drift.

Most families just carry the stuff they need or are working on into the living room, and then leave it there (of course!).

Solution? Give the family a place to put their things so they can keep them where they use them.

Getting stuff off the ground and organized will in and of itself change the entire look and feel of a room - stat!  Here are some decorating tips to create storage space: 

  • Incorporate attractive baskets into your decor to store books, newspapers, or magazines on shelves under coffee tables or on end tables and bookshelves;
  • Add furniture with hidden storage, such as ottomans, benches, etc. Benches with storage underneath are another option, and they can neatly camouflage an entire battalion of G.I. Joes.

  6. Consider Redecorating Naturally

Bathroom designs don't have to be fancy. In fact, because space is at a premium, simpler is better.  And when you can add a decorative accent that is also functional, well that's about as close as you can get to a decorating home run. 

This can be as simple as filling a pretty glass vase or bowl with seashells and simple white candles and placing it next to the sink, at the edge of the tub, or on a shelf. Get creative, and bring the natural things you love into your home. The sky's the limit.

Not only will you have a home with fresh new touches, it will make Monday morning a bit more beautiful - naturally.

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