party decorating ideas for success

Your party should be a reflection of you, so choose a festive theme that makes you feel bright and alive.

Exaggerate a single element - for example if pink's your theme color, scatter pink balloons about the house or fill vases with pink roses; greet arrivals with a rosy drink.

For a Mexican Fiesta, place a different piñata on the food table in every room; serve drinks in margarita glasses. 

Remember to look at the whole picture - lighting, texture, scale and progression (such as pots of flowers lining the front walk).

These party decorating ideas can help get the party started.

 Party Decorating Ideas That Tickle the Senses

Fill your home with background music that's appropriate for the party theme: classical for sit-down dinner parties, salsa for spirited celebrations.

The senses should be tickled by imaginative surprises: a centerpiece that soars above the buffet table, glitter scattered along a walkway, gardenias floating in glass bowls.

Welcome Guests at the Door

Simple touches like these can add a festive note that guests detect even before you open the door to welcome them into the festivities inside.

  • Door Wreath: Whatever the season, make guests feel welcome with a door wreath that incorporates flowers, leaves, herbs, or fruits tied with a ribbon. You can buy ready-made wreaths or make your own by adding a few inexpensive seasonal touches to a base of artificial greenery or dried vines.
  • Festoons:  For a shower or holiday party, hang swags of plant materials or indoor-outdoor ribbon from the handrail of your porch or front steps.
  • Tree Lights: Entwine strings of tiny lights around outdoor shrubs or small trees to brighten your entryway on a dark winter night. Or twist lights around twigs in a large vase that you set in your front window as a welcoming beacon for guests.
  • Votive Candles: Beckon guests into your home by placing a trail of votive candles - in glass holders or weighted paper bags - on the walkway to your front door.

And remember - you'll enjoy yourself and your guests more if you finish well in advance of your guests' arrival time.

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