teens bedroom ideas

Teenagers are a tough crowd to please.

That said, there are things we as parents can to keep the peace (and our sanity) and still provide teenagers the space they require during this most interesting, morphing-into-adults stage.

These teens bedroom ideas for making a space that you both can live with has the added benefit of providing your teen with a bit more of the independence she so covets.

These teens bedroom ideas can help.

Teens Bedroom Ideas to Provide Solitude

Teens want to be alone. You'll still want to supervise her (especially now), though you'll need to be discreet. Stop and think here.

They will be leaving your home soon. This is a way to give them freedom while still under your roof (and nose). 

Here you'll be taking an entirely different approach than you did when they were grade school-age kids and tweens. Teen bedroom decorating ideas will be, for the most part, teenager-inspired.

Let Teens Help with the Set Up

Let teens try out their organizing and setup skills with these new additions, but be waiting in the wings in case they ask for adult input. (Highly unlikely, but possible.) 

Let them learn the hard lessons about cleaning, organizing, and the repercussions of a lack thereof under your parental protection.

Occasionally, you'll be called on to teach them a few suitable lessons about responsibility and cleanliness (a relative term when used in the context of the teenage years).

A few ideas to get your teen started:

  • Think vertical. Store grooming items, accessories, and shoes in an over-the-door organizer. That way, every item has a home, and the desk or dresser won't get cluttered. 
  • Plan outfits. Stock the compartments of a hanging shelf organizer with an outfit for each weekday. Our use it to store folded items like jeans and sweaters. 
  • Pick a pretty (or cool) basket. A fun or cute laundry hamper inspires teens to keep dirty clothes in one place, not strewn across the floor. 
  • Add hanging space. As teens find their style, their wardrobe will expand - a lot. A rod extender will help. Keep shirts up top and bottoms below, and leave room on the side for longer items, like dresses and skirts.

Finally, resist the urge to "surprise" a teen by organizing his or her room yourself.

Instead, always get their input and, most importantly, participation. A clean, organized life does, after all, start in a small place - the bedroom.

A few ways to inspire a teen to get organized:

  • give them cool containers to put their belongings in
  • allow them a budget to organize and decorate their rooms
  • invest in under-bed storage boxes to make cleanup easier.

Chances are you'll likely be pleasantly surprised with the results.

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