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house chores for kids
by age, room & frequency

The house chores for kids by age below are organized by frequency of chores (daily, weekly, monthly, seasonally, yearly) and by room (virtually every room in your home.)

House chores for kids by age, room, and frequency

Within each category, I've listed appropriate chores for each age group. (Remember, the age recommendations are just that - recommendations.)

Your tidy 11-year-old who has been cleaning his room since age 2 can probably tackle some of the chores listed for teenagers if safety isn't an issue.

Conversely, if you've been the maid for your 13-year-old since she was born, you might have to start her off with some of the simpler chores recommended for younger children. 

Once a child reaches a certain age or skill level, he can generally do the house chores for his age group and those for the age groups below.

House Chores for Kids by Age & Frequency

House Chores for Kids by Age & Room

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