siblings sharing bedroom:
6 Tips for Success

For many families, it's just not possible to give siblings separate bedrooms. (I think lots of times kids are secretly glad to share a room anyway.)

When kids are very young, you may want them to share sleeping space and use the other bedroom as a playroom.

That way, they can comfort each other in the dark and have more space to play in when it's light. 

Here are 6 ideas to help them share with less whining.

 1 Siblings Sharing Bedroom Need Separate Space and Privacy

When siblings share a bedroom, be sure to give each child his separate space and privacy.

If possible, divide the room visually into halves.

Use a 4-panel folding Screen or bookshelves bisecting the room for really rocky sibling rivalries.

  2  Consider Ages When Doling Out Shared-Room Assignments

Consider ages when doling out room assignments to your kids. Shared spaces work better for younger children. Tweens and up want - and need - their own space.

  3  Set Rules for Siblings Sharing a Bedroom

Set sibling rules such as who can (or can't) touch what; never borrow each other's stuff without asking, etc.

  4  Let Each Sibling Decorate Her Area

Let each child decorate her part of the room the way she wants. This helps make the room a place where each child has ownership.

  5  Give Each Sibling Her Own Closet Space

Give each child her own closet, even if it's a closet in another room. 

A free-standing, rolling closet works well in tight spaces.

  6  Designate Sole Ownership Time for Each Child

Finally, designate sole ownership time. Let each child have the room to herself for 30 minutes each day. It's the easiest way to prevent sibling squabbling.

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