10 slumber party etiquette rules

10 slumber party etiquette rules for kids

Hosting a slumber party?

Consider sharing these 10 slumber party etiquette rules with your young guests. (Unless you have an endless supply of No-Doze you're planning to utilize, that is.)

Not only should these slumber party etiquette rules be the rules for kids at your child's slumber party, but also for your child at other kids' slumber parties.

That way, she might even get invited back.

  1   Basic Slumber Party Etiquette Dictates Be Courteous to All

The most important slumber party etiquette rule for kids is really pretty simple: Guests are required to be nice and respecting to all - both the other children and the host parents.

  2   No Hurtful Words or Whining

Slumber party guests much watch their language so that only the positive flows out at party time. No hurtful words or whining allowed.

This is a good time to remind kids of that old adage: "If you don't have anything good to say, don't say anything at all." Ditto for whining. 

  3   Include Everyone in Play

Including everyone in slumber party play means there are no twosomes, foursomes, whatever - that go off to do a separate activity, excluding the rest of the guests.

That's the quickest way to torpedo a good slumber party vibe.

  4   Be a Good Sport

Okay, we get it - you don't want to paint fingernails. But you do want to play tag - so be a good sport and go along with the nail polish activity, and you'll be rewarded when everyone joins in the house tag game.

  5   Don't Wander Away

Good guests do not go off on their own, wandering about the house in search of greener playing pastures. Stay in specified slumber party areas.

  6   Don't Touch Electronic Equipment

Good guests do not turn on the TV, stereo, or other electronic equipment or games without asking. You could accidentally break something.

  7   No Rough-Housing or Shouting

Keep it down - no rough-housing or shouting during the slumber party. Keep the party volume to a dull roar - especially indoors.

  8   Don't Help Yourself

A good guest will ask for food or drink if she's hungry or thirsty. It's a major breach of slumber party etiquette to simply help yourself.

  9   Eat Only in the Kitchen

When given the OK to chow down, good guests remember to eat only in the kitchen or dining room, unless otherwise instructed.

  10   Lights Out Means Chill Time On Giggling

When the slumber party host's parent says lights out - it's time to stop talking or giggling. Get all guests to follow these 10 slumber party etiquette rules, and you're virtually assured a good night will be had by all.

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