a spa themed sleepover: 3 Games

A spa themed sleepover is one of the most popular themes for girls.

Not only do the sleepover girls get to pretend to be grown-ups while getting their hair, nails, and facials at your "spa", they also can win fun (and inexpensive) prizes in the process.

Here's how to create a spa themed sleepover in your home, to help make the night a beautiful success for all the guests.

  1. Spa Themed Sleepover:  The Fingernail Polish Game

This sleepover game is a party favorite. You'll need to take a spinner from a board game and create your own pie chart underneath. Label the pieces 1, 2, and 3. You can also include a couple pieces such as "pass" or "spin again".

Place four nail polish bottles in varying colors at each corner of the spinner. (If it's circular then place them where the corners would be.)

Each girl takes a turn spinning the spinner and when they land on a number, they paint that many of her nails (or her friend's).

Start with the toenails, painted the color they are closest to. The girl who gets all her nails done first gets to keep her favorite nail polish.

Now here's the challenging part for the girls: each player has to spin the exact number of unpainted nails remaining to proceed. So for example, if a girl has 2 nails left and spins a 3, she loses her turn.

  2.  The Best Braids Contest

You can use dolls, wigs, or let the girls do each other's hair braiding. If needed, give the girls a few quick tips on how to tightly wind the three hair sections to make the neatest braids.

Provide them with beads, streamers, clips, feathers, scrunchies and any other fun, colorful hair accessories you can find. Pair the girls up and send them into separate areas of your home.

While the girls are braiding and decorating each other's hair, set up a catwalk in the party room for them to parade the results. Have two or more people as assigned judges who aren't a part of the party.

Upon completion, bring everyone back to the catwalk party room. Each girl gets to walk the catwalk before the judges. The winner, as decided by the judges, gets a gift certificate to a local hair or nail salon, or another spa-related gift.

  3.  The Sleepover Finale:  A Star Sing Off

Now that the girls are suitably groomed for their three minutes of fame - it's time to bring on the tunes. No karaoke machine required - a computer search for the karaoke version of each girl's favorite song is just a click away.

Let the girls vote on the winner (folded anonymous ballots are a good idea here). The winner gets an iTunes gift card to download her favorite tunes.

Consider having sparkly crowns for each winner. For younger kids, perhaps a gold star hung just above her sleeping bag and pillow.

Spa parties are among the most popular themes for girls sleepovers because they get to play dress up, have contests, and pretend they've spent a night at the spa. 

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