easy home repairs you can do yourself

Home repairs you can do yourself have two big advantages: You save time and you save money. 

After all, who has the leisure time - or the inclination - to wait all day for one of those expensive repair contractors to stop by?

Of course, you probably shouldn't attempt to rewire your house or retile your bathroom floor without some training.

But you can simplify your life and save money with home repairs you can easily tackle yourself.

  1   How to Tighten a Loosen Screw in a Door Hinge

A loose screw in a door hinge or (or any wood material) can be tightened by removing the screw, inserting a few common wood toothpicks or matchsticks, breaking them off at surface level, and then replacing the screw.

 2   How to Repair a Sticky Window

Double-hung windows that don't move up and down freely can be lubricated by rubbing a dry bar of paraffin wax in the window tracks.

This also works for wooden dresser drawers or for doors that rub against their frames.

  3   Home Repairs to Get Metal Door Latches to Close Smoothly

The tip of a graphite pencil can be rubbed on metal door latches to make them close more smoothly, without banging on the latch plate in the door frame.

  4   How to Repair a Vinyl Chair or Car Seat

Among the most useful items to have handy for repairs at home are a wide roll of masking tape and another roll of vinyl duct tape.

You can write on masking tape with a felt marker and make temporary "Wet Paint" signs. A tear in a vinyl chair or car seat can be patched with heavy-duty duct tape.

  5   How to Repair a Broken Cup Handle

A broken cup handle can be reattached with epoxy, polyvinyl chloride, or another strong glue meant for porous surfaces.

You can hold it in the proper position with a piece of masking tape while the glue dries. (Avoid putting these glued items in the dishwasher; hot water may melt the seals.)

These are just a few of the repairs you can tackle yourself. Repairs really can be a lot easier than you might think - so don't be afraid to dive in!

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