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I love the lazy days of summer. The kids are blissfully free after nine months of indoor imprisonment (a.k.a. school), meaning outdoor and backyard anything is preferable to a day inside.

It's a time for playing in the sun, entertaining outside, and enjoying backyard family time. After all, less indoor kids and family time mean less mess. Right?

Well, sort of. Housework, of course, does not stop at the house. While the indoor traffic may have slowed to a near stop (at least by day), once spring arrives, it's rush hour on patios, flower beds, and lawns.

Tidying up around the outside of the house is not a top priority. At least not among my three free spirits.

After all, planning gardens and pool parties is a lot more fun than preparing the yard and garden before them.

But since a summer-fresh outdoor area is a necessary part of making the fun stuff really fun, why not get the kits to pitch in outside as well as in? And maybe teach them a thing or three about how things grow?

Let's take it area by area, surface by surface. From cleaning patio furniture and garden ideas for kids to good garden insects - and bad garden insects - it's all about gardens and backyards here at backyard family living 2. . And if we're going to enjoy it out here, we'll need to do everything we can to create a party-friendly patio that is cozy, comfortable, and safe for our family, our friends, and our kids.

These backyard family living 2 and garden ideas range from container gardens and gardening games for kids to transplanting plants indoors for winter (because like all good things, summer has to come to an end eventually, too). 

Backyard Family Living Tips & Techniques

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